About Me

Hi! Welcome to Mi Solecito! I'm Gwen.

I moved to Austin, Texas in late December 2010. I lived here before when I was 7, and visited family here throughout my life. I've also lived in several other places (including my 2nd favorite city in the US - Boston!), but I've always know that of every place I've ever lived or visited, Austin is the place for me.  It just took me awhile to get here! Now that I'm here, though, I've realized that a long-distance infatuation is not the same as being in love. I have to get to know the city in order to completely fall in love. So that's my mission and one of the main reasons for starting this blog - get to know Austin properly!

While I'm at it, I'm also going to share some other things I love and some things that I'm working on for me, to become a better person.

I love baking, books, hiking, music, movies, and traveling.

I am working on my cooking, decorating my apartment, finding fun workouts and fine tuning my closet.  Thankfully, when it comes to my closet, I have a wonderful "fashion consultant / personal shopper": Jessie. She is amazing! A great friend and, luckily, also my cousin, she is the first person that I call when I need any sort of fashion or design reassurance. I asked Jessie to help me makeover my Austin wardrobe; she will be a regular guest on this blog with fashion ideas tailored to the wonderfully unpredictable Texas weather and the laid-back city vibe.

Mi solecito means "my sunshine" in Spanish - it's my mom's nickname for me and makes me think of all those things that make your days a little brighter. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

Thanks for visiting!