Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the Bright Side - Lustre Pearl

Last weekend, I went to a friend's birthday party at Lustre Pearl, a historic old house that was turned into a really cool bar.  It's on Rainey Street, which I am told is an up-and-coming new bar district. It must be because I had not hear of it at all (not a surprise, though, seeing as how I just moved here!) There were several other bars and restaurants in the area - most looked really cute too! I'll have to go back and try the other ones out soon.

This bar definitely has a casual and laid-back attitude. There were quite a lot of people the night that I was there, but the feel of the place never got incredibly rowdy or frantic. Everyone was friendly - including the staff and bartenders - and it was easy to strike up a conversation, play ping pong or hula hoop in peace. 

Loved the interior! This fireplace is amazing. I hear that they light a fire in the winter and let people lounge all over the house. There are great little nooks for sitting in the different rooms if you want something a little more private.

"Here all is good"

The backyard at Lustre Pearl is huge! There's lots of seating, and games - including ping pong and hula hoops - Hula Hoops! Inside the house, you can also play foosball and play music on an incredibly old-looking jukebox. 

 After a long night of ping pong and hula hooping - A taco truck! I didn't try them, but they looked really really good! The truck is there all night, and always busy.

Lustre Pearl is great! There is nothing gimmicky about the place - simply a nice location with good drinks where you can have as much fun as you'd like. No pressure! I had an amazing time, and am thrilled that I got invited to "discover" this place. 

I will be back soon and often. Hope to see you there!

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