Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Summers in New Braunfels

Labor Day means that summer is over, right? I can't wait for fall with its red and orange leaves and amazing sweater weather! But, seeing as how it's still a balmy 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Texas, it feels ages away. The calendar agrees with me that it's still summer. Two more weeks to go!

In honor of the last two weeks of summer, I thought I'd share one of the best spots in central Texas on a hot summer day - New Braunfels!

One of the requirements of living in the area is that you float down the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers at least once each summer. Nothing says summer like floating on a tire tube tied to all of your friends and a cooler of beers. 

Fun times and hilarity will ensue.

There are other great things to do in the area besides tubing. We found an amazing winery called La Cruz de Comal while taking a break from the tiring business of floating. 

The wine there was unlike anything I had ever tasted! Delicious and incredibly unique! They only make about 300 cases per year, all made by hand and stored in a nearby cave (or something like that!).  

The owner is very friendly and will sit and talk shop for hours. 

After you drink a little wine, you can wander over to Gruene. Gruene (pronounced like the color green) used to be a cotton town but is now a a district within New Braunfels. 

It still feels like its own little town, though. 

There's plenty to do.

You can listen to live music and go dancing at Gruene Hall.

Go eat ice cream and browse at the general store.

Or, you can go to the Gruene Antique Company where you might find these seriously creepy puppets.

The stuff of nightmares, no? 

But, if all else fails, you can wander around the river and enjoy the scenery.

Isn't it beautiful?

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