Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I guess I'll exercise, but what should I wear?

I haven't exercised in over a year. Shocking, I know! I wasn't sick or anything drastic like that. I was being a little lazy, but more than that I was doing this ridiculously strict diet that didn't allow any extra calories for a good workout. 

Not healthy, I know. Especially since I used to do Crossfit and could do this:

Don't mind the hair, but check out my wrist wraps ^. They were a birthday gift from Jessie last year, and I still want to wear them just because they're awesome. Here's a better picture of them.

Cool, huh?

Anyway, I did the diet well for a little while (it's called Ideal Protein), and had almost hit my ideal weight - 3 pounds away from my goal - when Christmas rolled around and instead of doing maintenance so I wouldn't gain it back, I decided to enjoy Christmas to the fullest. Fun, but not the best idea in retrospect. This year, I've tried over and over to get back on it, but have had too many trips and activities to be able to completely restrict myself. 

I finally gave up on pretending to diet and have finally decided to eat well and exercise. The smart choice, I'm told. Of course.

I don't think I'll rush back into Crossfit. I do, however, want to start running again. I'm excited and dreading it in equal measures. 

What better way to inspire myself, however, than with new clothes? 

Here is my workout wish list:

The most important thing (for me) is having a cute shirt. 

I miss Doctor Who! The Doctor is always running so I figured he can inspire me to get back into the swing of things.

A pair of good running pants is pretty important too. 

And shoes! Let's not forget the shoes! I can't decide which ones I want. My foot turns inward a little when I run so I'll probably have to go in for a fitting. 

Now I just need to work on a running playlist. I'm torn between EDM and old school 90s music. Any recommendations?

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