Friday, August 28, 2015

Donuts for days!

I have a serious sweet tooth. So much so that I'm convinced that if I took sugar out of my diet, I'd be super model skinny... or maybe not. Probably not. I enjoy food way too much! But it's a nice dream to have, no?

Earlier this year, I took a road trip to New Orleans with my guy and decided we needed goodies for the road. We were taking off from Houston which is were my cousin Jessie lives. She had recently discovered and become obsessed with a donut shop. She decided to share her obsession with me, and I ended up with this for the trip:

And ate most of it myself. Of course. R doesn't have a sweet tooth. I totally forgot. My mistake!

Where does such deliciousness come from, you ask? 

Can I say how happy I am that I don't live anywhere close to this place? It's amazing and would never be able to resist! My dream of being incredibly thin and healthy would never have a fighting chance. 

I was in Houston earlier this month spending some quality time with my family and decided I needed to make sure this place was as good as I remembered.

It was!

Their menu has a whole lot of great stuff.

But I was on the hunt for donuts; none of that sandwich or wrap stuff.

They have quite a few options for donuts. 

I saw this little beauty fly by me while I was trying to make a decision. It's so hard to chose!

The last time I was there, I had their donut breakfast sandwich. It made my taste buds do a happy dance!

But it wasn't breakfast time, and I saw this little beauty on their instagram:

The fruit medley. It has fruit! That's healthy, right? 

I decided I needed some of that in my life.

My picture wasn't as pretty as theirs.

But it was delicious!

I got a Vietnamese iced coffee to wash it down. 

And waited a few hours for my sugar high to go away before tucking into this other little beauty - Mississippi Mud!

Houston is an amazing city! I never need to be asked twice to go visit, and Jessie can attest, I usually invite myself over most of the time! However, it's always nice to have an extra incentive. My extra incentive now is working my way through that donut menu. I'll just need to go for a run after! 

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