Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Apartment

 Alright! Let's get started. The first thing is... my apartment. It's tiny! You walk in and automatically get tunnel vision - there is no division between the kitchen and living room. I am working on that, though. My awesome cousin gave me the idea to add some bookshelves and create a divider. So, I'm hitting up Ikea to get the Expedite Bookcase in white. I'll post some pictures as soon as it's up.

Other than that, I LOVE it! The appliances are new and I have a balcony with a great view to a fountain courtyard. There is nothing better than getting a nice breeze in through an open balcony. My dog is probably the balcony's biggest fan - he can sit out there all day and pretend he has a backyard.

I moved here almost 3 months ago and have managed to buy a mattress with box spring, a tv, and a nice Ikea sofa table. I also bought a couch about 9 weeks ago, but that has yet to make it's way to my apartment. I'm using an inflatable mattress as a couch for now. I refuse to show any pictures of that, and I'm also quite embarrassed about my neighbors peeking in the open balcony and seeing it! So, this is what my living room looks like without the ugly mattress. Boring, huh?

That's about it for now. I'm starting to dream about decorating the place. I need color and pretty things! Any ideas?

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