Friday, March 25, 2011

Pretty Things

I have managed, over the course of these past 3 months, to collect some pretty things for my apartment. They are little things, but, after all, it's the details that count! Hope you like them as much as I do!

I bought that little guy in a market when I visited Chiapas, Mexico. It's hand sewn and works wonders holding open the balcony door.

This jewelry holder was a present from my best friend. Isn't it lovely? I love how the St. Patty's day plate looks hanging from it. It never fails to make me smile!

 A girly and frilly way to hide the dirty laundry. I bought this bag from Urban Outfitters and am absolutely in love! It goes perfectly well with the following item:

Anthropologie towels! I am currently obsessed with their home collection. Almost everything from my apartment wish list comes from Anthropologie.

Finishing off my bathroom is this little gem from Scentsy - looks good, smells great!

This statuette is keeping my kitchen from looking too formal and practical. I bought it from PartyLight years ago and completely forgot about it. I came across it while packing up and am thrilled!

These vases were a housewarming gift. They are blackboard vases and come with chalk for you to decorate. Fun! Right now they are covered with my favorite quotes; who knows what they will look like next week.

And, finally....

My mom gave me these figurines - so sweet! That is a picture of her from wayyyy back in the day! Wasn't she adorable?

So there you have it - pretty little things that never fail to make me happy and feel at home.

Thanks for reading! Happy Friday!!

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