Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why did I move?

I love Austin. I have been in love with this city since I was 7 years old - learning English and riding the train in Zilker Park. I love the atmosphere, the people, the parks, the stores, the music.

After graduating from Boston University in 2003, I decided this is where I wanted to live. I was going to move to Austin. Unfortunately, my plans were sidetracked by home sickness and a general fear of not knowing what to do with my life. So, I took the easy way out; I moved back home. Little did I know that once you move back to your hometown, you get sucked in to the life you had before you left, and it's nearly impossible to leave. I got a real adult job, bought a real adult car, and coasted along. Everything was fine, but I was not 100% happy with my choices. The life I had did not, in any way, correspond to the plans that I had for myself. This lasted for 7 years. Finally, I decided that as soon as I finished my MBA, I was going to move to Austin. And I did!

I figure moving is the first step in leading the life I've always wanted. I have quite a few goals and dreams that I'm moving towards. Hopefully, I can share these along the way and maybe inspire you to do the same.

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