Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sunny Tidbits

Good morning!

- Now I want to watch A Woman is a Woman: (here's looking at me kid)

 - Pretty good advice - ditto: (Hello Giggles)

 - I need more yellow in my life!: (Camille Styles)

 - I think that I've linked to this store before, but I really really really want to go! (Decor8)

 - The blues...and greens: (loving.living.small)

 - Not sure what a granita is, but this looks amazing: (this is glamorous)

 - Something to help ease the heat: (goodlifeeats)

 - Lime Pie Ice Pops... yum! (the Kitchn)

 - Time to plan a tea party: (partridge hill wedding)

 - "When it's a hardcover it's a novel and when it's floppy it's just a book?" That made me laugh! (Free People Blog)

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