Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the Bright Side - Austin Farmer's Market

The Austin Farmer's Market made my list as one of the things to do in Austin on the weekend a couple of weeks ago. For one reason or another, though, I had not been able to make it out. I thought about it this week as I racked my brain trying to come up with mom-friendly Austin activities. A Farmer's Market sounded perfect, so I decided this past Saturday was as good a time as any to walk around and buy some fresh produce.

The market is great - lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers mixed in with jams, homemade breads and oven-baked pizzas. I remembered to take pictures this time!

Lots of people!

There were amazing homemade ice-pops. I had a tamarindo one that reminded me of plazas in Mexico and did wonders to quench my thirst!

It wouldn't be Austin without some live music:

Herbs and more flowers:

Organic veggies:

I had a pretty big breakfast before going to the market so I didn't get to try all of the food. Everything looked really, really good! Go on an empty stomach and try everything. I will, next time! 

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