Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunny Tidbits

Here are some things to distract you this Tuesday morning. Enjoy!

 - I'm so inspired by truly creative people! (Austin Eavesdropper)

 - These are the colors I want for my apartment this spring (Decor8)

 - Two from the same site, but I can't resist: decorating with paper! (Decor8)

 - Harry Potter, again: (Lainey Gossip)

 - Everything looks fancier in this blog, even the royal wedding stuff: (this is glamorous)

 - I've got the books; I need the art: (The Decorista)

 - Extra dark brownies with sea salt and lime... that's all: (the kitchn)

 - The second review I've seen on this place; might have to check it out: (misohungry)

 - I think I really like this skirt: (the Glamourai)

 - I have the hardest time doing my hair, but I'm trying this for sure: (Cherry Blossom)

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