Monday, June 27, 2011

the Bright Side - Blues on the Green

Last Wednesday I decided to take my cousins to Blues on the Green at Zilker Park. Blues on the Green is a free concert series held yearly by the radio station 93.3. The concerts are held every other Wednesday during the summer. On the day that we went, the bands that played were The Bright Light Social Hour and Suzanne Choffel.

We got to the concert ridiculously early since I didn't want to deal with the traffic or the crazy parking situation. Thankfully, the boys had a book and an ipod to keep them busy, otherwise I might have had a little bit of a problem keeping them on the lawn. 

Once more people started to arrive we noticed that it would've been a smart idea to pack a picnic , and that the best part of the concert is the people watching. We were surrounded by a bunch of flags - most noticeably a pirate flag, a fish kite on a stick, and a couple of rugby team flag - every style of picnic blanket or quilt and tons of food. Our neighbors were busy playing frisbee (a bit of a hazard with so many people. One hit an unsuspecting girl right in the face and sent her sunglasses flying. It looked painful!), chatting with everyone around them and hitting up their coolers. By the time the concert started, there was not one empty patch of green - our neighbors were practically sitting on our blanket.

The music started at 7:30pm with Suzanne Choffel. She has a beautiful voice! We were incredibly far from the stage so I couldn't see the performance, but her music was great. The main act, The Bright Light Social Hour, came out about 30 mins later with a very fun and energetic sound. I'm going to have to download some of their music.

I am definitely planning on coming back to Zilker for another concert. I'm thinking the Old 97s should be good - they sound Austin-y enough. This time, though, will probably be with some friends and some nice drinks - the grown-up version of the concert. See you there?

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