Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sunny Tidbits

Two of my teenaged cousins are visiting me for a few weeks. Having company is the best excuse to act like a tourist! I'm crossing everything I can off my Austin to-do list. Well, everything that a couple of teenage boys might be interested in - I'm thinking that museums and art galleries are not happening.

Enjoy your morning! I'm off to the pool and then finally going to see the new X-Men movie.

 - Might look up that horse therapy ranch. What are your offline hobbies? (Austin Eavesdropper)

 - Am obsessed with outdoor spaces. This is another nice one: (Decor8)

 - I want that first painting for my bedroom: (this is glamorous)

 - I have tons of magazines and need baskets. Voila! Perfect solution: (How about orange)

 - Meal menu planning... yes, I should do this: (m loves m)

 - Homemade butterbeer! (dineanddish)

 - Skinny, baked jalapeno poppers... they're missing the bacon! (skinnytaste)

 - Those huge pendant necklaces are starting to grow on me: (the glamourai)

 - Free People Austin Style: (Free People Blog)

 - New Harry Potter trailer: (Lainey Gossip)

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