Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bird Bakery

Last week was my friend Monica's birthday. Monica loves cupcakes, and is notoriously hard to impress when it comes to those cupcakes. She has had the best of the best from around the world!

I decided to be brave and get her this for her birthday...

I found these little beauties at a bakery in San Antonio called Bird Bakery.

I found this place through Yelp. I have a great love for birds so the name drew me in right away! It also had great reviews, but you know how those can be sometimes so I was mentally prepared to continue my search for the perfect cupcakes elsewhere. 

However, I lucked out!

I warmed to the place even before stepping inside.

And once inside, I liked it a little bit more.

It's the place you'd get if pinterest and etsy threw a party....

and invited amazing desserts and lots of food!

Perfect for a girlie brunch!

I had faith that the cupcakes would be delicious!

Monica's gift came in an egg carton. 

She believed me when I walked into her house and told her I'd gotten her eggs for her birthday. That got me thinking... do I normally give such bad gifts? I might need to step up my gift-giving game!

Such a cute idea, no?

The inside was the best part.

I didn't try any of the cupcakes. Sad, I know! But the birthday girl loved them (thankfully!), and we now have a future appointment to meet there for a girl's brunch and pinterest party.

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