Monday, August 24, 2015

Playa del Carmen

I love traveling in Mexico - it is such a beautiful country with amazing food and people. The country has gotten a bit of a bad rep recently due to a certain escaped drug lord and some violence in the border, but it should still be top of the list for any travel destination.

One of my favorite spots in Mexico is Playa del Carmen, near Cancun. Playa del Carmen used to be a sleepy little city, but it has grown tremendously thanks, in part, to tourists who want a beautiful beach without the craziness of Cancun.

That picture ^ was taken right before a rain storm rolled through. I didn't filter it - the colors really are that surreal. 

I have cousins in Playa so I try to go visit often. The last time I went was about two years ago, but I'm still trying to catch you up on my trips from my blogging hiatus. I hope you enjoy anyway!

I was getting over a bit of heartbreak at the time. It was a really difficult time for me but, thankfully, I was teaching then and it was summer so I had a few months off to get away and regroup. What better way to forget all about that sort of thing than with family and gorgeous scenery?

I spent every day at the beach.

We also went to visit the crazy college kids in Cancun.

And spent an amazing day in Tulum.

Have you ever had a Michelada? It's basically a Bloody Mary with beer instead of Vodka and is oh so amazing!

I love fresh coconut! There really is nothing better than coconut water. And, after you finish drinking the water, the nice waiters cut it up for you so you can eat the coconut meat with some chile and lime. Yum!!! 

There was also a beach party with tightrope walking and some shopping at La Quinta Avenida with lots of gelato in there somewhere too, but I really was just focused on cheering myself up. There weren't too many pictures. Sorry! But, I completely and whole-heartedly recommend Playa del Carmen for anyone needing a Mexican adventure or some time to reflect. I left feeling refreshed and much much happier. Might have to plan another trip back there soon!

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