Sunday, August 9, 2015

The UK - It's pronounced 'Edinburrah' not Edinburg

My third morning in the UK, we woke up very early to go to Edinburgh. It was to be a three hour drive, and I was incredibly tempted to hit the snooze button on my alarm and stay in bed. Fortunately, my sense of adventure prevailed, so I reluctantly got dressed and on the road.

The drive in Scotland was beautiful - all hills and castles and hairy cows. Of course I didn't take any pictures. I'm blaming this on me being half asleep, of course! 

I spent  quite a bit of time on the drive practicing the correct pronunciation of the place - torn between getting it right or just saying screw it and talking with a Spanish accent. 

We were both a bit grumpy from the lack of sleep and a little worried about the drop in weather as we got further in Scotland. My friend A had conveniently forgotten his jacket in Norfolk.

And then we got to Edinburgh.


It really is a beautiful city!

It was enough for us to forget our grumpiness (and buy a jacket) as we wandered around the cobblestone streets.

Edinburgh castle was amazing!

Check out this sunset...

I completely fell in love with the city, and might have been planning on ways to stay there permanently.

Also, at this point, my jet lag magically disappeared! It was the weirdest feeling - one moment I was tired and slightly sluggish, the next I felt wide awake.

The following day I had breakfast at the hotel and took a nice walk to Prince Street where I visited the shops and bought souvenirs. 

After I had my fill of shopping, I decided to find the University of Edinburgh.

Maybe I need another masters degree??

I had to stop at the Elephant House too - couldn't resist the birthplace of Harry Potter! Their millionaire bars are the best.

The bathroom was a bit interesting too!

At that point I remembered that I needed to catch a train to London and started heading back to the hotel.  Did I mention I loved Edinburgh?

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