Thursday, August 13, 2015

The UK - The day I fell in love with London

This is the day I fell in love with London! There was nothing in particular that did it - just the energy of the city. Does that sound crazy?

I started the day with coffee and a lemon poppyseed cake from a cute little coffee shop. All the while thinking that I needed to cut back on the bread but rationalizing that I was walking oh so very much.

From there I took the tube to Buckingham Palace and took a walk in the park.

It was lovely out - bright and sunny, covered with flowers. I really lucked out with the weather in early March!

From there I walked over to Fortnum & Mason for some fancy grocery shopping.

I was very tempted by the chocolate!

I bought some gifts there for my mom and grandma before stopping for an afternoon tea. Duchess Grey tea and delicious scones were just what I needed. I did have coffee that morning and needed to fulfill my daily tea quota.

From there I walked to Hatchards. They have apparently been in business since 1797.

Bookstores are my happy place.

From there it was a walk down Oxford Street and Covent Garden. 

I really did do a lot of walking!

But I had views like this to keep me entertained:

I finished the day with some shopping at Selfridges - some Jo Malone to spoil myself.

Peony & Blush Suede perfume smells amazing!

I don't remember where we went to dinner. I do remember that I was already sad about only having one more day in London so shortly after falling in love with it.

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